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Invitation Scroll
Invitations Προσκλητήρια Invitations
Invitation Scroll

Welcome to our Invitation site

You may order invitations for Greek Weddings and Baptisms  and other special events here.
Browse through our online albums to chose a wonderful invitation for your Special Day.
You may try different fonts, colors and verses and see the beauty of your invitation before it is printed with our online preview.

*After completing your invitation order online simply "submit" it to us for printing.

Greek Baptism Invitations Best selling

Baptism Invitation Album
Click on photo

Greek Invitations Most popular

Wedding Invitation Album
Click on photo

*We print Invitations and Ribbons in English & Greek

*For more information about our Invitations & our Greek Font printing
Email us: or Call us: (781)381-2991

We are always happy to assist you.

"We realize that your Special Day has been something you have looked forward to for a long time & that your invitation must be perfect! We are here to make your invitation experience smooth and easy"  





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